2022 Honda Click 160 Big scooter Touring version style.


All New 2022 Honda Click 160 Big scooter  Touring version style. The All New Honda Click 160 Touring has been revealed. It has been custom made from Click (Vario) 160 in Indonesia. which it has created a lot of hilarity because the car It almost didn’t come out at first. That it is the Click family!

All New Click 160 Touring will be equipped with equipment from the famous brand RCB in the brake system. The rear suspension, fuel tank and tires are from the Pirelli Angel model, and the fairing is a special blue coating. Both the front and rear rims are gold. make it look more premium.

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while the windshield is adjustable with a new rear view mirror And what is important is There is a front fairing kit added to the car. make it look stylish design in the line of Big Scooter.

As for the basic specs of the All New Honda Click 160, it comes with a 157cc single-cylinder engine, eSP+, and is cooled by a 4-stroke, 4-valve SOHC radiator delivering 15.4 PS at 8,500 rpm and maximum torque. of the car is located at 13.8 Nm at 7,000 rpm, fuel injection system. The compression ratio is 12.0: 1, electric hand start. driven by automatic transmission.

All New 2022 Honda Click 160 Big scooter  Touring version style.


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