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The Rebel 500 donates the engine to CL500. 2023 HONDA CL 500 SCRAMBLER IS COMING.


All new 2023 HONDA CL 500 SCRAMBLER IS COMING The Rebel 500 donates the engine to CL500. Designs, patents and a trademark application by Honda point to the CL 500. Powered by the well-known 500cc twin.


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The Honda CMX 500 Rebel, like all 500cc Hondas, is a success. The Twin works in four models with 471 cc and up to 47.6 hp, i.e. exactly the 35 kilowatts of power that can be driven with the A2 driver’s license. Model variant number five is announced: the Honda CL 500. A scrambler based on the Rebel chassis with a new rear frame for more seat height and ground clearance. And with big names, because: As early as the 1970s, the Honda CL was developed for tough off-road use, even before motocross existed. Honda patent drawings indicate a small scrambler. The current CMX 500 Rebel can be seen in the photo show. The imminent presentation of the CL 500 is confirmed by Honda’s trademark application on March 17, 2022 in the German trademark register.


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Honda CL500

In addition to the new, higher and longer rear frame, the already very detailed course of the half-high mounted exhaust system is particularly noticeable. The tank is drawn comparatively flat and merges with a high step into the seat bench, which is pulled flat backwards.



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