AHM has officially launched Genio version 2022 in Indonesia. It will be a new motorcycle scooter. which uses 12-inch rims and has a design that emphasizes cuteness and modernity in it.

Honda Genio was first introduced in Indonesia about two years ago and for this change will be a minor change. where the details Overall of the car Still the same as the previous version. But there are some updates, such as the location of the USB charging port, the front cover. Front body, fenders and 12-inch wheels.

On the strength side It comes in a 109 cc 1-cylinder, air-cooled engine. Giving a maximum horsepower of 9 PS and a maximum torque of 9.3 Nm, which will be available in 2 sub-models: the CBS model is available in 3 colors: red-black, brown-black and black, and one model is CBS. -ISS to add an idling stop system For automatic engine stop and start for fuel economy It is available in three colors: matt black, matt brown and matt blue.

In Thailand, we have a similar option like the Honda Scoopy-i with its engine and body design. that are close enough.

Credit :  acbiker.online

All New 2022 AHM launches Honda Genio 2022 scooter A new generation of automation!


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