Home Bike news Brand new NH78, the second Bike for Yamaha life GTS 1000

Brand new NH78, the second Bike for Yamaha life GTS 1000


A minimalist specialist based on the unconventional chassis of the tourer. Author? A passionate architect.


the term “special” collects many types of motorcycles: different interpretations, more or less related to the classifications that we have all come to know over the years, which provide a typically slightly old base on which different components are reviewed, some replaced with pieces as they say off-the-shelf , that is the standard aftermarket, others made in a single piece for the purpose.

More rarely you see specials like this NH78 – NH stands for Night Hawk, a name already used for a completely different kind of motorcycle from Honda in the 80s – born in the form of a 1993 Yamaha GTS 1000 on which his father, the architect Rodney Serra, worked by subtraction , removing practically all the superstructures to leave the technical solutions of the atypical tourer of the Iwata company visible.



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