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Honda Super Cub 110 2022 officially launched Upgrade to add alloy wheels Front disc brakes and ABS!


Honda Super Cub 110 2022 Officially Launched Upgrade To Add Alloy Wheels Front Disc Brakes And ABS! Pinnacle Honda has officially launched the new classic motorcycle, the Super Cub 110 version 2022 in Japan. It is considered to be the overall design. that remains the same identity as the previous version But there are some details that differ in a very interesting way.


Honda Super Cub 110 2022 will have a round headlamp design like the original Super Cub family, but with a change in the type of front and rear wheels size 17 inches from the spokes to the aluminum alloy wheels instead. Including the tires have been changed to tubeless (tubeless), and the seat has been changed from the previous version. The front drum brake system was changed to disc brakes. Including the installation of an ABS brake system to come with.

while the power of the car It has changed from the original. Although it still comes in the 109cc single-cylinder, 4-stroke SOHC, it has a new stroke of 47.0 x 63.1 mm (from 50.0 x 55.6 mm) to a maximum of 8 PS and has been added. More torque than ever. air cooled engine Seat height 738 mm. The weight of the car is 101 kg. The car has also adjusted the display details of the new screen as well.


will have to wait to follow that In Thailand, will we have to upgrade according to Japan or not? if there is progress We will hurry to update you soon.

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