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2022 Suzuki GSX-S Tour A test review of GSX-S950, GSX-S1000 Model and Full details revealed.


A GSX-S Tour has been organized to get to know the new range of Suzuki GSX-S road specimens up close . A traveling event that allows those interested to road test the GSX-S950 , GSX-S1000 and GSX-S1000GT models . Twelve stages are planned , carried out on weekends and in a period ranging from early April to mid-September. The tests are sometimes scheduled at participating Suzuki dealerships, alternatively the Suzuki staff will reach some well-known locations frequented by motorcyclists, but in other circumstances the test rides enrich the events in which the brand takes part.


The protagonist bikes are three Suzuki specimens that rest on the same technical basis, but characterized by a different nature.
Suzuki GSX-S950 is the entry bike in this model grouping with four-cylinder units. For the tests it is possible to use the 95 horsepower (70 kW) version, but there is also a reduced power variant of 35 kW, the bike with the largest volume for A2 license holders.
The Suzuki GSX-S1000 offers a sportiness reminiscent of the GSX-R with technical aspects derived from competitions, linked in this case to a street-fighter concept. A Suzuki Intelligent Ride System is highlighted, a system that integrates a series of functional devices and the power expressed reaches 152 horsepower.

Finally theSuzuki GSX-S1000GT , a translation of the concept in Gran Turismo configuration. The model is equipped with an aerodynamic fairing and solutions that facilitate comfort and practicality. Among the highlights also are a 6.5-inch TFT LCD color screen instrumentation with connectivity solution, a Suzuki mySPIN app and 36-liter panniers.


How to participate

In view of the events scheduled on the network , it is possible to contact the chosen dealer by phone, by e-mail or through the SmartMeet platform on the Suzuki Moto website, agreeing the time of the test.
In case of tests connected to events or fairs , registration is possible directly on site, according to the indications.

The GSX-S Tour
Eight motorcycles are planned, specifically two GSX-S950 , three GSX-S1000 and three GSX-S1000GT . Depending on the occasion, other Suzukiis may be added to the lot, made available by the local dealer.
The test is carried out following a forerunner of the organization and during the journey there is time to know the road qualities of the tested vehicle. Each tour is preceded by a short briefing, where the technical characteristics of the bikes and the operation of the controls are illustrated. It is necessary to be equipped with and use a helmet and technical clothing owned by the owner.
There may be variations or cancellations of the stages indicated below, in case of adverse weather conditions or other circumstances.


The dates indicated are:

2 and 3 April – Milan, at the Stamoto Dealer
9 and 10 April – Pescate (LC), at the Toso Moto Dealer
30 May and 1 June – Bobbio (PC), on the occasion of the HAT Bobbio Adventourfest
7 and 8 May – Rome – location to be defined
14 and 15 May – Seregno (MB), at the Valter Moto dealer
20, 21 and 22 May – Lignano Sabbiadoro (UD), on the occasion of the Biker Fest
28 and 29 May – Turin, at the Suzuki Italia headquarters ( Robassomero – TO)
4 and 5 June – Anzio (RM) at the Moto Olimpia Dealer
25 and 26 June – Sestriere (TO), on the occasion of the HAT Sestriere Adventourfest
16 and 17 July – Florence, at the Passo della Raticosa
30 and 31 July – Bergamo, at the San Marco Pass
17 and 18 September – Perugia, at the Bocca Seriola pass

Photo and image: Suzuki



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