The New Honda CB400F 2022 Model is ready as an Eighties CBX400F lets take a look into it .


The Doremi Collection specialists offer an aesthetic kit for the Honda CB400F (the only four-cylinder in-line of that class left on sale) giving it the style of the Eighties CBX series

At the recent Osaka Motor Show an aesthetic preparation made by Doremi Collection (famous for its Kawasaki Z900RS restyled in Z1 and for the Honda CB1100 that become CB1100R, see below) dedicated to the Honda CB400S made a fine show .

Then made of modern classics but based on the historic Kawasaki Z, Suzuki GSX-R, or Honda CB, in Japan they are real specialists. The Japanese maxi motorbikes of the seventies and eighties have an enormous charm in those parts, representing the golden age of the multi-cylinder motorbike.

This classic-shaped naked is now the latest representative of the once large array of models with four-cylinder in-line engines .

The anti-emissions regulations have in fact sent out of production the other 400 but also the latest air-cooled Honda CB1100s , which had resisted until the Euro 4 homologation.

Doremi ‘s CBX kit applies to more recent versions of the CB400F, up to the one still on sale. Start with the historic shaped tank , which is made from galvanized steel sheet for added durability.

The old CBX400 had the Pro Link center rear suspension , while recent models have the pair of shock absorbers for a classic flavor, which is actually curious.
Theoretically, the old tail could have been mounted, but in the Doremi Collection they preferred to design a new one, with an accentuated spoiler that still falls within the aesthetic canons of the time.
The saddle with printed geometric pattern cover is faithful to the design of the real CBX400F, while the very chromatic 4-in-1 exhaust has a particular X-crossing of the manifolds that takes up an option that once existed among the accessories.

Lastly , the paint , spread over the tank, sides and tail, has the typical colors of the first CBXs (red and white with black and gray decorations) but with a newly revised graphics; Four color options are offered: red / white, blue / white, red / white and black / red, ie those of the models produced between 1981 and 1984. The result seems successful.
The price of the aesthetic kit is around 2,200 euros.

The New Honda CB400F 2022 Model is ready as an Eighties CBX400F lets take a look into it .


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