2022 Harley-Davidson Nightster First Look specification Hd images Gallary.


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Forget all you thought you knew about the vintage Harley-Davidson Nightster. The 2022 Harley-Davidson Nightster is not to be confused with the previous motorcycle of the same name. The new Nightster is another historic Harley-Davidson motorcycle, as it is the first to include the Revolution Max 975T engine. Let’s get started because there’s a lot to discuss.

The Revolution Max 975T motor in the 2022 Harley-Davidson Nightster appears similar to the Revolution Max 1250 in the Sportster S, but it’s not the same. The Revolution Max 975T has a displacement of 975cc and is built on the same liquid-cooled, DOHC architecture as the 1250. The 975T, on the other hand, has its own bore (97mm) and stroke (66mm) measurements. In addition, only the intake cams have variable timing, whereas the 1250 has all four cams. Though they share a common six-speed gearbox with equal ratios, it’s a simpler motor with a smaller displacement.

To generate its power, the Revolution Max 975T doesn’t need to rev as high as you may imagine. The 975T has a flat torque curve, according to the company, with peak torque of 70 ft-lbs at just 5000 rpm. When you reach 7500 rpm, you’ll get 90 horsepower.

The 2022 Harley-Davidson Nightster has three power modes that work with a small set of computerised rider aids. The Revolution Max 975T’s power delivery, traction control, engine compression braking, and ABS are all affected by the three modes. In Sport mode, you get full power, the most responsive throttle, more engine braking, and less ABS and traction control intervention. Road mode reduces mid-range power, decreases throttle response, and increases the sensitivity of the ABS and traction control. In Rain mode, the Nightster produces less power, has a slower throttle response, less engine braking, and aggressive traction control and ABS. Front and rear Brembo callipers are used in the ABS system.

You could think the 2022 Harley-Davidson Nightster and the Sportster S have the same chassis, but they don’t. Both motorcycles employ the motor as a stressed member and a trellis frame to connect the motor to the steering head, therefore there are similarities. The Nightster’s suspension, on the other hand, has no damping changes and just spring preload customization in the rear. In comparison to the fully adjustable 43mm inverted fork and linkage-assisted shock on the Sportster S, you get a 41mm conventional Showa Dual Bending Valve fork and dual emulsion shocks. Surprisingly, the Nightster features a longer suspension travel.

The 2022 Harley-Davidson Nightster is, at least cosmetically, the closest H-D has come to a café racing since the XLCR. The headlight cowling, bar-end mirrors, low grips, and mid-mount foot controls are all visible. The Nightster’s 19-inch front wheel is similar to the XLCR’s, albeit the XLCR’s rear wheel was an 18-inch instead of the Nightster’s low-riding 16-inch. The Nightster also sports bias-ply tyres rather than the radials found on the Sportster S. At least until we ride it, consider the Nightster to be café-style.

The seat height on the Nightster is an unintimidating 27.8 inches.

Between your knees isn’t a neo-style peanut petrol tank. The 3.1-gallon gasoline tank was relocated under the seat by Harley-Davidson engineers. Despite its plastic construction, the fuel tank is designed to look like the oil tank on an air-cooled Sportster.

We know you assume the air cleaner is in the round container on the right side between the cylinders. What appears to be a fuel tank is actually a steel airbox lid.

The headlamp, turn signals, speedometer, mirrors, and faux air filter holder are all round. There is an unquestionably large selection of retro styling cues. With the taillight function incorporated into the turn signals and the side-mounted licence plate holder, the back of the Nightster looks extremely clean. The illumination is fully LED, with a Daymaker unit headlamp as a homage to the twenty-first century.

This month, you’ll be able to order the 2022 Harley-Davidson Nightster in one of three colours. In Vivid Black, the Nightster’s MSRP is $13,499. If you desire Gunship Grey or Redline Red, the price jumps by $400.

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2022 Harley-Davidson Nightster First Look specification Hd images Gallary.


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