2023 GASGAS range enduro First look Unveiled.


2023 GASGAS range enduro First look Unveiled.

Four models, two two-stroke and two four-stroke, with a fresh look for 2023.

The Enduro family of GASGAS for the next season was presented with a renewed appearance, without changes in the technical base that we know from this year’s range.

Meeting the Euro 5 specifications, the enduros of 2023 include the two-stroke EC 250 and EC 300, as well as the four-stroke EC 250F and EC 350F, all of course based on the corresponding motorcycles of the parent KTM, equipped with WP XACT suspensions.

At the same time, GASGAS accompanies its motorcycles with a wide range of technical accessories and rider equipment – Technical Accessories and Apparel – which includes components from exhausts and wheels as steering wheels and handlebars.

Discover the entire Enduro 2023 GASGAS range.

Find the full range of formal motorcycle and rider accessories here .

Watch the official GASGAS promotional video for the Enduro 2023 range below.

2023 GASGAS range enduro First look Unveiled.


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