Home Bike news All new 2023 KTM Duke 990 spotted while testing.

All new 2023 KTM Duke 990 spotted while testing.


All new 2023 KTM Duke 990 spotted while testing. A huge success for the new LC8c two-cylinder engine from KTM, it has received great reviews. Both on the mainstream 790 Duke, 890 Duke R or even the upgraded ADV line. From the 799cc engine to the 899cc on the 890 Adventure, and most recently, it looks like the manufacturer is pushing the engine capacity to the next level. After meeting real road tests on the new model. Expected to be 990 Duke.


Spyshot KTM 990 Duke in 2021

The KTM 990 Duke has been rumored to have been around since the mid-2020s following the launch of the 890 Advenrure and 890 Adventure R, with speculation about developments. to chase the limits of the camp’s new LC8c engine where we have seen the puzzle model came out to test before which when we compare with the picture that we have received the latest The car has changed enough. The new images were recorded in the northern Austrian suburb of Mattighofen. which is a place near with the company’s factory.


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What we can see most clearly is the design of the headlights. which is the main face of the car has changed where the previous image will be dual headlights It has a layout based on the current 790 Duke, but the new visuals have changed. to the projector LED headlamps and stack them vertically making the front of the car look slimmer There are also different side fairing designs. And there seems to be quite a difference from the 890 Duke.

Let’s look at the engine Although the details are not clearly seen. But it can be seen that there has been a huge change. The cylinder seems to be taller. which will have a reinforced frame from the forming Compared to the 899 cc engine, the new engine should have more piston strokes. Including the cylinder head seems to have been redesigned. which will be smaller in size to compensate for the increased engine height The cam cover is also new. with an additional relief on the left side It is not yet known for what purpose it was designed. But it is possible that the new engine will have a variable valve system as a new help.


The engine overview appears to have been updated with many more subtleties. But we also noticed the unique 285-degree crankshaft angle of the LC8c, which mimics the 75-degree crankshaft of the V-Twin engine, so it’s likely that the new engine’s maximum power will be no lower. 120 horsepower, or possibly higher than 130 horsepower on a higher-spec model like the 990 Duke R.

As for the devices we’ve noticed on this 990 Duke, we’re still seeing quite a bit of a quirky device. We will see the suspension from WP, one of the brand’s sub-brands. Something new that we feel a little surprised The front brake system features 300 mm discs, KTM branded brake calipers, which are quite different from the predecessor, especially compared to the 890 Duke R, which has twin 320 mm discs and calipers. Brembo Super Brakes.

still in development stage Foreign media speculates that the car will be ready to show off for the first time at the 2022 EICMA Show later this year. Before going on sale for real in 2023, if there is any new update, we Greatbiker team will present it to friends in the next opportunity.

2023 KTM Duke HD image Gallary


Credits : www.cycleworld.com

2023 KTM 990 Duke spotted while testing. 




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