All new Honda CL500 new motorcycle From the Honda Camp coming soon.


All new Honda CL500 new motorcycle From the Honda Camp coming soon.

New Honda CL500 new big bike motorcycle From the Honda Camp. through Japanese media such as It has been analyzed that the All New Honda CL500 in the Scrambler line that it may be possible to be developed into a new big bike motorcycle of the Honda Camp It is a new choice for customers who like bike in this style.

At present, it must be said that Honda does not have a direct Scrambler motorcycle on the market at all And from earlier there was news that They may release the All New Honda CL500 in the Scrambler -style motorcycle back in the market. (From being released in the past a long time ago) and it is therefore that We may have seen the All New Honda CL500 in the Scrambler  that is a senior bike in the same code with it.

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on the basis of the bike It is expected to be taken from the engine of the 500 series car from the camp. In the engine rating of 471cc, in-line twin cylinder, it produces 46.9 horsepower at 8,600 rpm and 43 Nm of peak torque at 6,500 rpm, but the car will be designed in a scrembler style that is expected to be designed. round headlight The single-seat seat is slightly elevated. while the tire is a multi-purpose The front suspension is covered with rubber. Emphasis on normal use on smooth routes. and driving in a dusty road to a certain extent Overall, it is expected that it will have a mix of classics in it.

All new Honda CL500 HD image Gallary.

will have to wait and see that When will this project have more progress? We will stick to the situation and come to update friends. get to know soon

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