Dylan Sprouse Shows Off ‘Meat Head’ Body Transformation With Shirtless Gym Selfies


Dylan Sprouse demonstrates he’s one of Hollywood’s hottest stars in his latest posted to his Instagram. The actor from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody included a few pretty sexy gym selfies in the posts, explaining how he became that toned!

“Used to wear a shirt in the pool as a kid so I decided in my late twenties I wanted to change my body and become a meat head,” he wrote in the caption. “This is my meat head post. Been a long slog but I’m proud of the progress I’ve made and I ain’t done yet.” 

Later in the post, Dylan showed his impeccable, well, pecs, in a few photos, with one seemingly shot in a hotel bedroom (by an unknown person) as he was getting dressed. Dylan took a selfie in the second photo, sharing of shot of himself in what seemed like a gym locker room. The actor’s glistening chest was on full display for the photo as his

Dylan is experiencing a mental and physical transformation. Last year, the actor told the Daily Beast about how his family’s addiction inspired him both professionally and personally. “A lot of times, folks who are substance abusers seem at their best when they’re on narcotics – it’s the withdrawal that makes them scary to look at and so visibly drug users,” he noted.

Dylan has also spoken out about his Heathenism, which is defined as a “irreligious person” and which Dylan once described as a “German pagan thing.”

He told the Daily Beast, “I probably started practising when I was 15.” “I’ve always operated as a lone practitioner.” I’ve attended a lot of meetings and met a lot of other Heathens, and I’ve met a lot of shady Heathens — and then I’ve met a lot of nice Heathens. They come in both of those flavours, just like any other faith. But my sense of the faith is far more universalist.”

“I was just in love with the morals, the values, and the f****** stories,” he added of Heathenism. “I just found it to be so cool, and it’s always been fun for me — to have a path to believe in. And it’s led to so many positive things for me.”


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