Finally Honda is promoting the All-New Honda Hornet again like it is going to launch soon.


Finally Honda is promoting the All-New Honda Hornet again like it is going to launch soon.

Finally Honda promotes the All-New upcoming Hornet again. After being in the news since late 2021, it looks like Honda will be serious about repurposing the names of motorcycle models that were famous in the past. This time, Honda has chosen to revive the Hornet badge, the former sport naked model. Let’s come back on the modern platform again.

We’ve been seeing rumors about a new Honda model since November of last year. There are rumors from both Europe and America, most recently Honda Motocicletas España or Honda motorcycle dealers from Spain. posted a short video On social media like Instagram, two significant indicators of Hornet’s new model.

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The first video features a rearrangement of Hornet’s emblems, from the first 1998 model to the newest badge with no specific year listed, with a tiny Easter egg sounding the engine of each model. with different which can be observed in one If the manufacturer itself does not deceive us The sound of the new engine It sounds very much like a 1-cylinder engine. That might be referring to the Hornet models that use the 125-350cc engine that is now the base engine of entry-level Honda motorcycles.

another short clip will be a clip showing the image of the representative which directly conveys the meaning of Hornet, with the sound of the atmosphere and starting the engine And this sound made us stumble a bit. Because the rhythm of the engine in the normal running cycle It’s very much like a 2-cylinder engine. So we can’t even guess for sure if Honda will trick us into getting lost with this clip.

Honda Hornet 2.0

The Hornet family of motorcycles from Honda first started in 1998 and has continued to evolve. Up until the last model in 2013, we can see that Hornet has always used a 599cc, four-cylinder engine. And recently, the Hornet name has been resurrected. The Honda CB160R Hornet and Hornet 2.0 will be the only model in the Indian market, and will be replaced by an inline-4 engine with a single-cylinder air-cooled engine.

However, the manufacturer itself No official specs have been revealed yet. There will be only a prototype that was shown at the past EICMA Show 2021, and the car itself is still just a sculpture that has not clearly entered the details of the car. But there are rumors that Honda will speculate the new Hornet to not overlap the existing product line in the market today. Therefore, it is possible that The manufacturer itself will choose to use all new engines. Or will use the same engine that exists but is used on products that are not yet in the production line. The data points to the 750cc engine currently available on the Honda NC750X, X-ADV and Forza 750. These models are quite different from the Hornet sports naked model.

We still have to wait for official information from the manufacturer. There are speculations that the car might be released in 2022, or skip to 2023. If it will open in 2023, it will be a special occasion to mark the model’s 25th anniversary, so it’s possible that. The manufacturer will create a trend for the new model with a special agenda like this it is possible.

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Finally Honda promotes the All-New upcoming Hornet again. 

Honda Hornet HD image Gallary.


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