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Finally QJ Motor presenting the concept of the Cruiser and Bagger.


QJ Motor is another Chinese brand that is constantly evolving models. QJ Motor is part of QJ Motor, part of the Qianjiang subsidiary, which already has Benelli motorcycles in its hands, and it seems that its platforms Benelli has also been shared across QJ Motor’s range of products as we’ve seen.


Original sketch of the QJ Motor Flash 300.

Recently, a new series of sketches of new products from QJ Motor have been published that are quite interesting. It is an image of a motorcycle in the style of Cruiser, with a bagger vibe mixed with the American Touring that we often find in the product line of American manufacturers. We are not too surprised because Qianjiang is working with Harley-Davidson in the development of small to medium motorcycles is now.


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Or it could be a parallel model of the two companies. It’s quite probable. In the past we have seen Harley-Davidson I’ve been trying to push motorcycles in the 500 and 750 cc classes, but with little knowledge of small engines. make small to medium models was eventually canceled But shake hands with manufacturers that specialize in this engine. should have a better effect overall with both sides having more positive effects than negative effects

Let’s go back and look at the bike a bit. The first car is classified as a car in a full cruiser style, where we will notice that the car comes with a longer wheelbase than usual. This will directly affect the long-distance driving in a straight line. We have seen the front design work that will have a small front cover. Large water drop shape oil tank A set of two-stage seats are elevated and the footrest position is left slightly forward. and a rail for mounting luggage on the side at the rear fender Overall, it looks pretty close to the Kawasaki Vulcan S.


The other will go out in a cross between a Bagger that comes with a side bag. and blending elements of the car in the American Touring style, with a set of bat-wing fairings at the front In principle, both cars should have the same base. But in terms of design, there will be a slight difference. We can see from the shape of the oil tank cover that is different. The shape of the seat looks slightly different. Including the placement of different front suspension systems but relying more on this Because it’s just a sketch. The real one came out, everything might be the same. Different formats are possible.

Let’s move on to the engine a bit. From the sketch, we may not be 100% sure which engine it will be. But let’s try to search in the data. It appears Qianjiang is now developing a new 700cc engine that will be a direct competitor to CFMoto, which launched the 700CL-X late last year. And when I searched, I found that Qianjiang doesn’t even have an engine in this rating yet. So it is possible that these two new models will open a new engine line in this coordinate.

In the market right now, QJ Motor also has a number of cruiser-style motorcycles available in China, including the Flash 300 carrying the original 300cc V-Twin engine that it bought patents from national manufacturer Hyosung. South Korea and Flash 500 based on the Benelli 502C engine, which adds a new line-up this time. may result in new products. Harley-Davidson that the companies are working together is possible


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