Harley-Davidson Sportster will be powered by the Revolution Max 975 engine.


Harley-Davidson It is in the process of preparing for a new product launch event on April 12th. It has been introduced before that it will be the new generation of Sportster that many people have been waiting for, and it is linked to the new revolutionary Max power that is used on Sportster S and Pan America until Many speculate that the new Sportster will use a 1,250 cc engine as the main powertrain.

American motorcycle manufacturer Slowly releasing details and previews through social media continuously. We had previously speculated that the new model would sport a Sportster S’ engine and a Revolution Max 1250T powertrain, but we’ve also assumed a smaller engine. for the initial version While it currently starts with the Iron883 plus the original HD was developing, all of the data pretty much suggests the new Sportster will be based on the initial Revolution Max 975 engine the company has developed and put into the model. Streetfighter like the Bronx.

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Lately it seems HD has given us some clues on this matter. The manufacturer has published a document detailing the information for the April 12 launch event with the name of the product key in the content. As we can see, the RH1250S is the production ID of the current Sportster S, but there’s another RH975 that doesn’t even have to be in the production line, so you can probably guess it’s the code. of the same product but will differ from the number after And when we put our knowledge at a mere tail, we can guess that the number 1250 following the RH code is the engine size, so the RH950 is probably a Sportster with a 975cc engine.

It’s worth noting that the RH975 model code doesn’t end with an “S” like the RH1250S. Harley-Davidson will use an “S” to represent more performance-intensive models, such as the Sportster S and Low Rider S. The absence of an S indicates that the RH975 will fit less performance-oriented models as recommended by the manufacturer.

2022 Harkey-Davidson Iron883 Thai version

Another point that makes us quite confident that the RH975 will be the next generation Sportster is that now Harley-Davidson is. Production and sales of the Iron883 have been discontinued in Europe, partly in excess of the EURO5 exhaust standard. which does not pass the new exhaust standards Which then spreads to Forty-Eight that uses a 1,200 cc engine that has to be reduced to meet the standard. So this means HD doesn’t have any of the initial class models left. To get started it needs the largest engine for distribution. and if this follows Only the Revolution Max 975 would be the most likely salvage agent.

However, all of the things we’ve cast have come here. That’s just a hypothesis for us at Greatbiker, but if we look at the evidence we can find, it’s clear enough to make a conclusion. But even so We’ll have to wait a few more days. for the launch of new products Harley-Davidson which is scheduled to be released on April 12th If there is new information, update We will bring to friends have known for sure

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Harley-Davidson Sportster will be powered by the Revolution Max 975 engine.


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