Kawasaki ninja ZX-25 R 200cc with turbo runs at 250 km/h with turbo.


Kawasaki ninja ZX-25 R 200cc with turbo runs at 250 km/h with turbo. Trick Star tunes the four-cylinder Kawasaki ZX-25 R from 46 to 100 hp. With turbo pressure the speedometer reads 250 km/h.

Shift up again at 225 km/h and 16,000 tours? That’s outside of the mechanical comfort zone, even for 600cc riders. This is completely normal on a Kawasaki ZX-25 R with a four-cylinder screamer engine and turbo. In the summer of 2021, tuner Trick Star announced the goal of being able to drive the 250 at 250 km/h. Spoiler: With 252 km/h on the speedometer, the attempt was considered a success. The Kawa had to be breathed a little more than twice the power to get that fast.M

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Kawasaki ZX-25 R

In 2019 Kawasaki introduced the Ninja ZX-25 R , primarily for the Asian markets. But bucking all trends, the Ninja is powered by a high-revving four-cylinder. The four pistons with a diameter of 50 millimeters generate almost 46 hp at 15,500 rpm from 249 cc and rotate the crankshaft at over 17,500 rpm. The stroke, which is only 31.8 millimeters long, produces 23 Nm of torque. Top speed: 187 km/h. So 63 more kilometers per hour are missing to complete the 250. A turbo should help.

Trick Star Turbo

There is no linear relationship between speed and performance. Because then, as a rule of three, 61 hp would be enough to crack 250 km/h. But the relationship between speed and power is one of the cube: double the speed requires eight times the performance. Accordingly, taking air resistance into account, the required power at the rear wheel is 44 hp for the standard 187 km/h and a good 105 hp for 250 km/h. Due to the rolling resistance of the tyres, which remains almost the same up to a speed of 150 km/h and only increases slightly above that, the power requirement is reduced somewhat. However: The 250 km/h cannot be achieved with less than 100 hp. For this extra performance, Trick Star uses a turbocharger, a suitable exhaust system and a revised injection system along with software. What exactly the tuners use is – surprise – not known. After many adjustment runs, the result is on the speedometer at 250 km/h, the GPS shows 241. The result is impressive and is reminiscent of the blissful ten-cylinder days of Formula 1.

Turbo for everyone

Trick Star would like to offer the turbo kit for the road and speaks of an output of a good 60 hp, i.e. a good 30 percent more than the series. Since the ZX-25 R is only available in Asia, neither the motorcycle nor the turbo kit will be seen on our streets.

Kawasaki ninja ZX-25 R 200cc with turbo HD image Gallary.

Kawasaki ninja ZX-25 R 200cc with turbo runs at 250 km/h with turbo.


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