QJ Motor has patented two new engines that are strongly reminiscent of KTM.


A two-cylinder in-line and a V2 have been patented by the Chinese for a few months and both engines are very similar to similar KTM units.

In January, QJ Motor filed a patent for a new engine, a two-cylinder in-line, code-named QJ288MW, which is interpreted as QJ (manufacturer), 2 (cylinders), 88 (piston diameter) we do not know what exactly they encode.

Those who noticed that in appearance this unit is practically identical to the two-cylinder LC8c of KTM, then strengthened their view with the fact that the diameter of 88 mm characterizes the two-cylinder 790 of KTM.

Now another Chinese patent application is being unveiled, this time for a two-cylinder V that also looks like a photocopy of the large Austrian 1290 two-cylinder, and again the patent coding photographs the same thing: QJ2V108MYL quite by chance, as well as the Austrian 1290.

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One could talk about a copy attempt or something similar, but given the decision of QJ Motor to operate in Europe in 2022 with all its might, but also the fact that it has already been very successful in our parts with her (her own) Benelli motorcycles, would make the venture at least seem silly.

On the one hand there is no official announcement of a QJ-KTM partnership (which already has an extremely close relationship with CFMOTO), but on the other hand we do not ignore the fact that this year at Moto3 the Avintia team has worn the colors of QJ Motor in a KTM motorcycle. In other words, the cooperation already exists to some extent, even if they did not issue a press release to announce it.

This leads to the inevitable conclusion that KTM has licensed QJ Motor to develop its own copies of at least two of its engines, the “old” 790 and the current 1290, which will be used on QJ and Benelli motorcycles.

The patent designs of the smaller engine have the TnT logo painted on the hood, immediately indicating its first destination, while for the second the prospects are wide open – TRK1300 anyone?

QJ Motor has patented two new engines that are strongly reminiscent of KTM.


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