At home, a YouTuber creates a self-balancing one-wheeled KTM motorcycle [Video].


At home, a YouTuber creates a self-balancing one-wheeled KTM motorcycle [Video]. A YouTuber developed a one-wheeled scooter, which we previously covered. The same individual has now created a self-balancing one-wheeled KTM motorcycle. In addition, the vlogger demonstrates how he constructed the one-wheeled KTM motorcycle. Creative Science has released the film to YouTuber.

They began by adding a Yamaha FZ fuel tank on a frame. They then used pipes to construct the rest of the frame. After that, they cut out a seat on a piece of cardboard and used the same cardboard as a stencil to cut out a cutout on metal. On make the seat, a piece of foam was pasted to the metal and then trimmed.

After that, all of the panels from the body were removed, and the chassis was given the final touches. The chassis was given a priming coat before being spray painted. The team went with a KTM orange colour scheme. The tank was then painted in KTM’s orange and white colour scheme. Carbon fibre was used on the side panels, as well as decals. It’s unclear why the vlogger didn’t simply choose a KTM Duke’s fuel tank. A little fender was likewise orange and white-wrapped.

The final assembly was then completed. The wheel was first removed and the chassis was then attached to it. After that, a handlebar and a tank were installed. On the rear subframe, a seat that looks like it belongs on a cafe racer was installed. For further strength, a second subframe was installed in the lower part.

Batteries will be utilised to power the one-wheeled motorcycle, as seen in the video. The crew constructs the batteries on their own. An MCB is flipped to turn on the wheel. To complete the image of the one-wheeled motorcycle, a false headlamp is put in the front, along with bar-end mirrors.

The vlogger appears to have used the same process as he did for the one-wheeled scooter, reshaping the frame to resemble a KTM motorcycle. The most significant feature of the scooter is the self-balancing sensor, which assists the scooter in balancing itself. It should be properly installed and calibrated; otherwise, the scooter will not stand up and balance on its own. The sensor is connected to the throttle cable by the cables.http://YouTuber

Although the one-wheeled motorcycle appears strange, it functions. The vlogger did not specify how long the motorcycle will be powered by the battery. We have no idea whether or not those batteries are rechargeable. However, we can observe the YouTuber riding the scooter back and forth without any problems. Yes, the bike isn’t quick, but it does resemble a miniature version of the KTM Duke.

At home, a YouTuber creates a self-balancing one-wheeled KTM motorcycle [Video].


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