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who is kris jenner?

Kris Jenner is an American television personality, entertainment manager, producer, author, and businesswoman who was born Kristen Mary Houghton on November 5, 1955 in San Diego, California. Kristen Houghton, when she was younger, had no intention of pursuing a career. Kristen was more interested in settling down as a wife and mother than going to college after her stepfather’s business partner stole all of the company’s money. In 1978, she realised her dream by marrying Robert Kardashian, a successful high-powered attorney. Kris’s life would become a series of whirlwinds, yet she managed to ‘keep up’ with all of the insane twists and turns.


Kris was born to Mary Jo Shannon and Robert Houghton, an aircraft engineer. Kris’ parents divorced when she was seven years old, leaving Mary Jo to raise her and Kris’ younger sister for a few years. After Mary married businessman Harry Shannon, the family relocated to Oxnard, California. The family was forced to return to San Diego after Harry’s business partner allegedly left with all of the company’s assets. Kris eventually graduated from Claremont High School and worked as an American Airlines flight attendant for a short time.

She was 17 and he was 28 when she met Robert Kardashian for the first time. Kris wasn’t ready to settle down just yet, so he chased her. When she was 22, she accepted his second proposal, and the couple married on July 8, 1978. They had four children over the next eight years: Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian, and Rob Kardashian.

The Kardashians lived opulently in their Beverly Hills mansion, making celebrity friends such as the Hiltons and playing tennis with other well-known couples such as O.J. Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson. After she had an affair with a soccer player, the couple divorced in 1990. She met retired Olympian Caitlyn Jenner that year (who, at the time, had not come out as transgender and the world knew as Bruce.) Kris spotted an opportunity in the Olympian’s fledgling business of motivational speeches. Kris promoted Jenner’s speech “Finding the Champion” to a larger audience by taking on her soon-to-be spouse as her first endeavour. Jenner’s hard work helped her land high-paying clients like Coca-Cola and Visa, as well as enterprises like exercise DVDs.

Kris saw another opportunity as Kim Kardashian ascended to fame and infamy thanks to her friendship with Paris Hilton and her sex tape with singer Ray-J. She met with Ryan Seacrest in 2007 to discuss establishing a reality television programme about her family. Keeping Up with the Kardashians aired that year, and the world of pop culture was forever changed. Kris is still an executive producer for KUWTK and its several spin-offs. Kris’ show, Kris, was an effort to break into the daytime talk show business. The show only lasted one season despite providing unique footage such as the first peek of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s daughter North West.

Kris, as the “momager,” she oversaw her family’s empire grow. She forged new deals and business ventures for each of her daughters, working with brands like Sketchers, Silly Bandz, Sears, and more. Kris’s work landed her daughters in commercials, on magazine covers, on the New York Times best-sellers list, and elsewhere, thanks to countless other endorsement deals. Each of the KarJenner children are millionaires.

Personal Life

Kris Kardashian was married to Robert Kardashian from 1978 to 1991, when their divorce was formalised. The pair stayed close after their divorce until Robert Sr. died of esophageal cancer in 2003. Kris was also friends with Nicole Brown, O.J. Simpson’s ex-wife. A pregnant Kris was seen in the courtroom gallery wearing Nicole’s hand-me-down maternity clothes as Robert, an O.J. pal, defended the ex-NFL star during the “Trial of the Century.”

Kris, while married to Caitlyn Jenner, gave birth

and her second spouse announced their separation in 2013, and Kris filed for divorce in 2014. Their split was finalized in March 2015. Later that year, Caitlyn came out as transgender. The relationship has been cordial, but Kris once described the breakup with Caitlyn as “the most passive-aggressive thing.” Since 2014, Kris has been in a relationship with O.J Simpson), and many have speculated if the two have secretly tied the knot.


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