Sophie Turner Confirms Pregnancy with Photo Shoot of Baby Bump: ‘We’re So Excited’


Sophie Turner Confirms Pregnancy with Photo Shoot of Baby Bump: ‘We’re So Excited’ Sophie Turner has officially revealed that she and her husband Joe Jonas are expecting their second child! Sophie, 26, first showed off her baby bump in February 2022 while out for a walk with Joe, 32, in Los Angeles. In the same month, she was seen swimming around in the ocean with Joe, her bare tummy on display. The couple, who are known for their secrecy, never announced their pregnancy and went about their business as usual — until now.

After posing and holding her expanding baby bulge for Elle UK’s June edition, she said, “It’s what life is about for me — nurturing the next generation.” “Seeing my daughter grow from strength to strength is the most rewarding part of my life.” We’re ecstatic to be adding to our family. It’s the finest gift I’ve ever received.”

She also discussed how her 22-month-old daughter, Willa, who she welcomed into the world in July 2020 with Joe, is adjusting to her new role as a big sister. “‘What’s in there?’ I’ll ask, pointing to my tummy.” Sophie revealed, “And she’ll say, ‘Baby.'” She did say, though, that she’s not sure if Willa understands what her increasing baby belly signifies. “I believe she just thinks a belly is a baby and that’s how she refers to it.” But she seems clingier than usual, so I believe she has a plan. “She’s staking her territory by always wanting Mummy,” the British actress stated.

Sophie and Joe kept their pregnancy news from Willa to themselves as well. While she was pregnant, though, paparazzi were able to spot them out and about. Willa’s birth was not announced until a few days later, and HollywoodLife was able to confirm the happy news through the couple’s reps. Plus, a source informed HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that Joe was ecstatic to take on the role of father. “Joe is the happiest new father in the world, and he can’t wait for his friends to meet his baby girl.” But they aren’t inviting friends over right now because they want to be extra cautious,” they explained.

Joe and Sophie married in May of this year. They had been dating since at least 2016 and had gotten engaged in 2017. According to insider facts shared with HollywoodLife, the happy couple had already planned to start a family by the time they walked down the aisle. “All of Sophie’s immediate work is finished,” the insider revealed in July 2019, “but she is looking to hit the ground running now that Game of Thrones is completed.” “Before starting a family, she wants to earn a couple more acting jobs.” Joe, on the other hand, is on tour with his brothers and plans to establish a family after the tour.

They both think it would be fantastic to start early next year, and they haven’t ruled out the possibility of starting and trying to conceive when the tour concludes [in Europe].” They appear to have gotten all they desired!


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