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2022 Chevy Trailblazer

2022 Chevy Trailblazer
2022 Chevy Trailblazer

Offers a great deal of the most recent innovation and security highlights
Activ model brings some light rough terrain abilities
Large seating and freight space for an extra-little SUV
Base motor needs power
Transmission can be delayed to downshift
What’s happening
Satellite radio is presently standard on every trim level
Accessible trailering bundle
Base L trim as of now not advertised
Part of the second Trailblazer age presented for 2021
Were it not for the difficulties of the 2020 pandemic, there’s an excellent opportunity the arrival of the Chevrolet Trailblazer nameplate would have been a lot greater arrangement. All things being equal, we needed to stand by a year to test and assess it at long last. In the middle between the minuscule Chevy Trax and the bigger Equinox, the 2022 Chevrolet Trailblazer is quite possibly of the most recent participant in the prospering subcompact hybrid SUV class. We’re agreeably shocked with how it ended up, as well.


Among its resources is a discretionary 1.3-liter motor that raises the Trailblazer to an acceptable level no sweat while the suspension conveys both an agreeable ride and sure cornering. To add to the allure, the inside is alluringly styled and comes all around supplied with innovation highlights. There’s likewise a fair measure of secondary lounge and freight space. The Trailblazer figures out how to stand apart from the group, as well, with forceful Camaro-like styling.

The 2022 Chevrolet Trailblazer is an enormous improvement over the maturing Chevy Trax and is an incredible pick among other top extra-little SUVs, for example, the Buick Encore GX, Hyundai Kona and Mazda CX-30. Look at our Expert Rating underneath to get our top to bottom interpretation of its exhibition, solace and that’s just the beginning.


Edmunds Expert Rating

Edmunds Rating
Our VerdictThe Edmunds Vehicle Testing Team assesses a new group of vehicles consistently, matching objective evaluations at our test track with genuine driving on city roads, turnpikes and winding streets. The information we assemble brings about our Expert Ratings. They’re founded on 30 or more scores that cover each part of the auto experience.
Chevy’s worked really hard with the most recent Trailblazer. It isn’t the most effective or the best-performing vehicle in the class, yet it is really capable at almost all that it does. In the undeniably serious class of extra-little SUVs, the Trailblazer is a half-stride ahead.
Evaluated for you by America’s best test group.
How does the Trailblazer drive? We tried the Trailblazer in the Activ trim level, which has the overhauled 1.3-liter motor. With it the Trailblazer is shockingly proficient at getting around in everyday rush hour gridlock, regardless of whether its as-tried 0-60 mph speed increase run of 9.4 seconds is wealthy the speed of opponent SUVs with their redesigned motors. The nine-speed programmed transmission keeps the little motor in its perfect balance during speed increase, however we wish it was a bit faster to downshift when you want to pass.

We’re not enchanted with the brake pedal in the Trailblazer. It’s excessively delicate, making it hard to smooth when dial back. The Activ trim level has rough terrain one-sided tires, and they miss the mark on hold to stop the Trailblazer as fast as a portion of its opponents. Deft dealing with isn’t a strength for the Trailblazer either, yet the sensibly precise directing guarantees the driver’s certainty on most streets.
How agreeable is the Trailblazer? The Trailblazer has an agreeable ride for a little SUV, particularly at expressway speeds. The front seats feel a piece firm from the start, yet following a couple of hours they stay agreeable and steady. In and out of town, you’ll feel some shaking while driving on harsh streets, yet the Trailblazer never collides with potholes or feels excessively firm. On the interstate, the Trailblazer displays great ride solace.


The three-chamber motor, a plan that is known for being a piece harsh and boisterous, transmits just an unpretentious snarl at max speed. Street and wind commotion isn’t exactly also damped, however it’s not over the top either and never gets tiring in any event, during long stretches in the driver’s seat. The environment control is not difficult to utilize and keeps up with great command over lodge temps, however higher fan velocities can get noisyInterior
How’s the inside? The Trailblazer offers a decent harmony among simple and computerized controls, and everything’s genuinely simple to sort out from the start. The Trailblazer’s ride level is marginally raised over a conservative car so it’s not difficult to just open the entryway and step into. Significantly taller back travelers will not need to depend on acrobatic to get inside. Also, when there, tenants will track down a really open back seat. With the discretionary all encompassing sunroof, headroom is above and beyond for most travelers.

The driving position is flexible for different inclinations, and taller drivers won’t feel like they’re roosted up excessively high. While the Trailblazer sports a to some degree cutdown roofline, perceivability isn’t forfeited in that frame of mind of style for what it’s worth in the Mazda CX-30. The accessible superior quality reinforcement camera functions admirably even in low light.
How’s the tech? Dissimilar to most different vehicles in the class, the Trailblazer can’t be had with a coordinated route framework. That implies you’ll have to utilize your cell phone’s applications. Fortunately, remote network is standard for both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and they function admirably with the Trailblazer’s alluring touchscreen. Our test vehicle accompanied the Technology bundle that incorporated the bigger 8-inch touchscreen (a 7-inch variant is standard) and a decent sounding Bose seven-speaker sound framework. USB-An and USB-C ports are standard for front travelers and discretionary for back travelers.

Voice controls are moderately clear, however we wish the framework perceived more regular language. However, it got our orders right when we followed the particular sentence structure. Standard high level driver helps aren’t quite so copious as on certain contenders like the Subaru Crosstrek, however they can be gained through a couple of choice bundles. We viewed the versatile voyage control as steady, and different frameworks gave no misleading problems.
How’s the capacity? The bigger elements of the Trailblazer take care of in the freight division. Its freight region is one of the roomiest in the class, even against any semblance of the Kia Soul and Subaru Crosstrek. Clearly, it’s as yet an extra-little SUV, yet the Trailblazer ought to turn out great for your ordinary freight pulling needs.


Inside capacity for little things is normal. Front and center there’s a plate before the shifter (it’s a remote charging cushion assuming that you select that choice) and cupholders. Under the mid control area armrest is a profound however to some degree tight canister more qualified for things you don’t utilize frequently. The entryway pockets will hold more modest things for both front and back travelers, however bigger water bottles won’t exactly fit anyplace. Vehicle seats ought to fit without issue thanks to the liberal measure of room in the secondary lounge.
How’s the mileage? The Trailblazer with the 1.3-liter motor and all-wheel drive, which is what we tried, gets an EPA-assessed 28 mpg in joined city/expressway driving. That is OK for an extra-little SUV. We were rather frustrated to accomplish just 26.9 mpg over our expressway weighty 115-mile assessment course. One advantage to the 1.3-liter turbocharged motor in Trailblazer is that it doesn’t need premium fuel like some other turbocharged motors in this class.
Is the Trailblazer a decent worth? However the Trailblazer can be had for under $25,000, it’s anything but an extra-little SUV for the spending plan disapproved. Our test vehicle was a well-optioned Activ model with all-wheel drive and brandished a retail cost only north of $33,000. While that is impressively not exactly the precisely comparative Buick Encore GX, it’s a touch more costly than the upscale Mazda CX-30 (with the more remarkable turbocharged motor) and extensively more costly than different contenders like the Hyundai Kona and Subaru Crosstrek. However, the Trailblazer conveys a ton of alluring elements at that cost and looks and feels great fabricated, both all around. Guarantee inclusion is ordinary, however Chevrolet offers five years/60,000 miles of emergency aides and an extended period of free support.
Trump card
The Trailblazer stands apart from the group, not just with its cutting edge and fairly tough styling yet additionally in its overall ability and wonderful disposition. There are other extra-little SUVs that are quicker and offer more energetic dealing with, yet the Trailblazer never feels like it’s inadequate with regards to any genuine ability. The handyman character makes the Trailblazer skillful as well as simple to use in virtually consistently to-day circumstance.

And keeping in mind that it is somewhat more costly than the greater part of its opposition, you truly do get a ton of gear and space for your cash. In the event that an exceptional Trailblazer falls acceptable for you, it’s an extremely even little machine liberated from any genuine indecencies.
Which Trailblazer does Edmunds suggest?
We propose investigating the LT trim. It gets you a decent equilibrium of elements at the cost and offers more accessible choices than the base LS would it be a good idea for you need them. We additionally suggest picking the more impressive 1.3-liter motor rather than the more vulnerable 1.2-liter base motor.
Chevrolet Trailblazer models
The 2022 Chevrolet Trailblazer is an extra-little SUV that is presented in four trim levels: LS, LT, Activ and RS. The base motor is a turbocharged 1.2-liter three-chamber motor (137 pull, 162 lb-ft of force) and it’s matched with a constantly factor programmed transmission and front-wheel drive. All-wheel drive is discretionary and comes packaged with a more grounded turbocharged 1.3-liter three-chamber motor (155 hp, 174 lb-ft) and a nine-speed programmed transmission.

The most reasonable Trailblazer comes standard with a nice measure of innovation, yet it’s generally genuinely essential with regards to comfort and refinement. Highlight features I



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