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2022 Ford Escape Hybrid

2022 Ford Escape Hybrid
2022 Ford Escape Hybrid

Crossover powertrain that gets around 40 mpg
Ample and happy with seating
Smooth ride quality
Simple to-utilize controls
Freight space misses the mark concerning its opponents
Environment framework doesn’t make sufficient wind current on hot days
What’s going on
Minor changes to highlight accessibility
Part of the fourth Escape age presented for 2020


The Escape is Ford’s little SUV that sits between the more modest Ford EcoSport and bigger Ford Edge and three-column Explorer. It’s likewise remarkable for its accessible half and half powertrain. Picking the Escape Hybrid permits you to get expanded efficiency while as yet partaking in the model’s ample seating and agreeable ride. The EPA gauges that the half breed will get around 40 mpg in consolidated driving, which is a 10-14 mpg support over the non-crossover motors on offer in the Escape.

The Escape Hybrid can be prepared similarly as the standard Escape and highlights one of the more straightforward to-involve touchscreens in the class. You can likewise decide on comforts, for example, a redesigned B&O sound framework, an all encompassing sunroof and many high level driving helps. To see our editors’ thought process of the 2022 Escape Hybrid, both great and awful, look at our Expert Rating belowPerformance
How does the Escape Hybrid drive? Speed increase, or scarcity in that department, can be an issue with eco-disapproved of half and halves. Yet, the Escape Hybrid doesn’t feel lazy. Its 0-60 mph season of 8.5 seconds is unexceptional however expected; the Honda CR-V Hybrid had a similar 0-60 mph time. In and out of town the Escape Hybrid feels enthusiastic. Portage worked really hard tuning the brakes, and there’s no observable change from regenerative slowing down to the grating brakes. All things considered, slowing down force doesn’t increase rapidly, so you might need to raise a ruckus around town surprisingly hard during the last not many mph.


The mixture’s CVT is a lot of smoother than the standard Escape’s eight-speed programmed. The main shortcoming is that it doesn’t further develop motor reaction in that frame of mind however much we’d like, so you’re never truly in the right powerband for forceful driving. The Escape Hybrid has preferable guiding and taking care of over comparative little SUVs. Strangely, we viewed the Escape Hybrid as more made around turns than the normal Escape.
How agreeable is the Escape Hybrid? In general, we’re content with the degree of solace advertised. The front seats are very much formed and agreeable. The back seat — however somewhat level — is likewise great, offering great thigh support. Our Titanium trim test vehicle incorporated a level flexible front seat, which is a unique case in this class. The ride quality is loose and never feels floaty or cruel, however midcorner knocks produce recognizably sharp effects.

The Escape Hybrid easily gets away from a stoplight with all-electric power. The experience is recognizably more charming than in non-cross breed Escapes; they have a motor stop-turn over framework that generally rejuvenates the motor after you leave a stop.

The programmed environment framework conveys less wind current than you’d anticipate on a hot day. Not at all like opponents, ventilated front seats and warmed backs are not accessible on any trimInterior
How’s the inside? The Escape’s lodge is useful and agreeably spread out. The essential controls are not difficult to reach, and guiding wheel buttons find opportunity to translate. The touchscreen connection point is smart and simple to explore also. The driver’s seat offers an ordering view outward, which is just somewhat obstructed by the rising beltline rearward. The actual seat offers various changes that make it a snap to dial in the ideal position. On the disadvantage, the entryway armrests are a touch excessively restricted.


We’re intrigued by the Escape’s utilization of room inside. There’s a lot of room all over, and profoundly etched front seatbacks bear the cost of bunches of knee space to raise travelers. Headroom could run out for extremely tall back inhabitants on models with the all encompassing sunroof. Other than the tall doorsills, there are no issues getting into or out of the Escape.
How’s the tech? Passage’s infotainment framework is a feature. The route arrangement is not difficult to utilize, fast to act, and shows you directional data when a focal point search returns different areas (e.g., a Starbucks is 1 mile forward, or 0.5 mile to one side). The Titanium’s B&O sound framework precisely repeated the couple of pressure testing tracks that the base framework couldn’t and sounded clear and punchy. Cell phone incorporation is missing, with just two USB ports, however there are a couple of 12-volt outlets on the off chance that you have connectors.

The driving guides function admirably and practically all are standard. The Titanium’s novel path focusing highlight is perfect on the roadway — it doesn’t ping-pong between paths as opponents do.
How’s the capacity? The Escape has a marginally more modest freight region (34.4 cubic feet) than its immediate rivals. We like the low floor and high seatbacks, bearing the cost of you a great deal of vertical extra room before baggage obstructs on back perceivability. The back seats don’t crease level, yet the detachable safety belts can be separated from their seat holsters so there’s no check while stacking freight.

Inside capacity tolls better, with huge cubbies toward the front and sizable entryway pockets toward the back. All cupholders have hostile to tip tabs, which is genuinely extraordinary in this vehicle class. Effectively open vehicle seat anchors and ties, in addition to the huge back seat, will make stacking vehicle situates a breeze.


The Escape Hybrid can tow as much as 1,500 pounds, which is insignificantly not exactly the RAV4 Hybrid however better than the CR-V Hybrid, which isn’t appraised to tow by any means.
How practical is the Escape Hybrid? The Escape Hybrid AWD is evaluated at 40 mpg joined (43 city/37 interstate), which is comparable to the RAV4 Hybrid and somewhat preferred by and large around over the CR-V Hybrid. We found the middle value of 38.4 mpg north of 230 miles of blended parkway and city driving. While it performed somewhat under its EPA gauge, it fared better compared to the two its essential opponents in true driving.
Is the Escape Hybrid a decent worth? The Escape’s inside is a major move forward from the past age. Front and center, delicate touch plastics are utilized generously, while hard plastics are by and large silver, shine dark or generally finished such that shows exertion. Our Titanium analyzer’s cowhide upholstery is more unpleasant and not as superior inclination as lower trims’ false calfskin. The board holes are somewhat conflicting, and the inside entryway handles feel unforgivably modest.

Beginning under $30,000, the Escape Hybrid costs just somewhat in excess of an equivalently prepared non-half and half. Our Titanium test vehicle was somewhat more costly than a top-trim Honda CR-V Hybrid yet under a Toyota RAV4 Hybrid.

Passage offers essential guarantee inclusion for quite some time/36,000 miles, with powertrain inclusion and emergency aides for quite some time/60,000 miles. Inclusion is normal for the class.
Special case
Eliminate the off-putting front grille and the overhauled Escape Hybrid would seem to be some other reduced SUV available. The inside, as well, won’t wow you from the get go. In any case, your enthusiasm for what the Escape offers will probably develop as you put it through the speeds of regular living. It’s an entirely useful little hybrid, and one that Ford can be glad for.


The Escape Hybrid doesn’t offer the speedy speed increase of the customary Escape’s accessible turbocharged four-chamber motor, however driving consistently is more lovely. Its dealing with and noticed mileage surrender it a leg over other cross breed SUVs as well.
Which Escape does Edmunds suggest?
We’d put our cash down on the midgrade SEL. It accompanies pretty much all that you’ll require from a little SUV and furthermore provides you with the choice of adding more highlights would it be a good idea for you need them. The Co-Pilot360 Assist+ bundle is a beneficial extra for its versatile voyage control and other high level driver helps.
Portage Escape models
The Ford Escape is a little SUV sold in various trim levels and powertrains. One of the powertrains on offer is a fuel electric mixture. Its 2.5-liter four-chamber motor and electric componentry produce a joined 200 strength and get an EPA-assessed 41 mpg in consolidated city/thruway driving. Front-wheel drive is standard, with all-wheel drive discretionary on all grades. The Ford Escape Hybrid is accessible in SE, SEL and Titanium manages. Include features incorporate

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2022 Ford Escape Hybrid

The section level Escape Hybrid accompanies:

17-inch compound wheels
Chrome outside trim
Keyless start and section
8-inch touchscreen
Double zone programmed environment control
Six-speaker sound framework
Apple CarPlay and Android Auto similarity
Each Escape additionally accompanies these wellbeing highlights:


Forward impact alleviation (cautions you of an approaching crash and applies the brakes in specific situations)
Vulnerable side screen (cautions you in the event that a vehicle in the following path over is in your vulnerable side)
Path takeoff relief (cautions you of a path flight when a blinker isn’t utilized and can naturally direct to keep up with path position)
Discretionary additional items include:

Co-Pilot360 Assist+ bundle
Versatile journey control (changes speed to keep a consistent separation between the Escape and the vehicle in front)
Path keeping framework (makes minor controlling remedies to assist with keeping the vehicle focused in its path)
Sly guiding help (upgrades the forward impact moderation framework with controlling based crash aversion)
Route framework
Chilly climate bundle
Warmed mirrors
Far off motor turn over
Programmed environment control
Warmed guiding wheel
Warmed front seats
Comfort bundle
Updated headlights
Power liftgate
Double zone programmed environment control
Power driver’s seat
Back armrest
SE Sport Appearance bundle
19-inch dark painted wheels
Dark outside styling components
All encompassing sunroof
Expands on the SE’s standard gear with:

Chilly climate bundle
Comfort bundle
18-inch wheels
Rooftop rails
Reenacted cowhide upholstery
Leaving sensors (alert you to deterrents that may not be apparent behind the vehicle while leaving)
Various bundles are likewise accessible for the SEL, including:


Innovation bundle
Sans hands liftgate
Computerized instrument board
Driver’s seat memory settings
10-speaker B&O premium sound framework
Remote charging cushion
Co-Pilot360 Assist+ bundle
All encompassing sunroof
Tow bundle
Adds to the SEL’s sound rundown of highlights with:

Innovation bundle (less the charging cushion and B&O sound framework)
Co-Pilot360 Assist+ bundle
19-inch wheels
Driven headlights and foglights
Rooftop rails
Chrome outside trim
Surrounding lighting
Auto-darkening rearview reflect
Power-customizable front seat
Front stopping sensors
There are a couple of choices for the Titanium, including:

Titanium Elite bundle
Chrome outside highlights
Cowhide wrapped guiding wheel
Cowhide upholstery
B&O sound framework
Remote charging cushion
Head-up show (shows significant data in your sight line onto the windshield)
Mechanized stopping framework (steers into a parking space with no driver intercession)
All encompassing sunroof
Tow bundle



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