Home Bike news Keeway Sixties 300i Road Test Review: Deceptively Fast -full details

Keeway Sixties 300i Road Test Review: Deceptively Fast -full details

Keeway Sixties 300i Road Test Review: Deceptively Fast -full details
Keeway Sixties 300i Road Test Review: Deceptively Fast -full details

Trust us when we say this, the Keeway Sixties 300i is an all out sleeper. Under the entirety of one of a kind energy is execution can leave a couple of lively 200cc bicycles feeling somewhat blue. Yet, is that enough for purchasers to hand over almost two times the cash that you could spend on 200cc bicycles?


As the maxim goes… Looks can trick!
Obviously, In India, Vespa restarted the entirety Keeway Sixties 300i Road Test Review: Deceptively Fast -full details

subject in bikes, and it’s really well known. Present day retros have this unmistakable twofold shot of “goodness that is very much like what my daddy used to ride” plan language, which works. Individuals love it, hell, I’m a sucker for retro.


I like what’s going on the Sixties 300i. Its face wears this unashamed outdated look with that huge front grille and round orange pointers. Yet, simply over that, there’s a truly gorgeous LED fog light. From the front, it looks excellent and individuals will generally pay heed.

From the side, it’s long and tightening and exceptionally gorgeous to check out. It outlines an old bike, a 60’s Cadillac and a Harley-Davidson bagger (all the more so from the back). Yet, in particular, it great searches moving.

That is extraordinary on the grounds that, similar to I said, looks can misdirect. Pushing this return on wheels is a 300cc motor that shoots this bike to 60kmph quicker than certain bicycles.


Runs like a grandad on NOS!

The Sixties 300i is shockingly fast, because of its 278.2cc, single-chamber, fluid cooled motor. It produces 18.9PS and 22Nm, and the force spread is steady through the fire up range with both the pinnacle power and force coming in under 7,000rpm.

Laze around in the city, it seems like some other bike, yet contact the choke, and wham… force! It makes hustling through the city a breeze. Furthermore, it’s exactly the same thing on the parkway, this thing will hold a simple 90kmph for long terms quite serenely. I dealt with a speedo-demonstrated maximum velocity of 130kmph. Let you know it was a sleeper.


0-40kmph 2.56seconds
0-60kmph 4.56seconds
0-80kmph 7.63seconds
0-100kmph 12.61seconds
20-50kmph 2.32seconds

As indicated by our V-box information, this one is up there with the TVS Apache RTR 200 4V and Honda Hornet 2.0, and both those bicycles race on the track. Additionally, with execution like that, our ongoing boss of execution bikes, the Yamaha Aerox, ought to be stressed.





Keeway Sixties




Televisions Apache RTR 200 4V




Honda Hornet 2.0




Yamaha Aerox 155




Be that as it may, what dazzled me the most is the way refined this engine feels. I can’t help confessing, I have a specific level of predisposition with regards to items from China, particularly motors. In any case, this changes how I feel about that. It’s smooth and doesn’t feel occupied. The choke isn’t snatchy and the powering is direct.


Besides, in spite of being a major single, you’re going quick, rather than shaking from vibrations. So in the event that retro is your energy, yet changing gears isn’t your thing, this leaves a few well known works of art in the residue, all while donning as much calfskin on a rich high position. While on the subject…

… how about we talk common sense and regular convenience

The bike weighs 146kg (kerb), yet on account of everything plastic body and flooring plank mounted 10-liter gas tank, it isn’t as evident. The load from the motor and gas tank hold the CG low and that aides in general equilibrium of the bike as well.


However, there are a couple of areas of concern. It’s just plain obvious, while the adjustable fork is malleable, the back is excessively delicate. It loads up effectively over gentle knocks and reaches as far down as possible habitually, particularly when the bigger riders go for a ride on it. The ride isn’t shaking, with little knocks and crashes going through to the rider.

Be that as it may, it very well may be awkward for the pillion. These crashes are enhanced and felt all the more conspicuously. Furthermore, there is a veritable feeling of dread toward sliding in reverse and falling because of the rearwards slant of the pillion seat. What’s more, I truly wish they offered a pillion back help.

Highway 27.73kmpl
City 16.33kmpl


Asking why its eco-friendliness split is so wide? Indeed, first off, it warmed up a fair piece, not outrageous yet it was more conspicuous after consecutive quick runs and city runs. We suspect the weighty retro cladding isn’t helping the bike inhale well indeed and that is eating into range.

What might have been something more…

Like I said, it’s all plastics on this bike; and keeping in mind that the completion is great, the general quality might have been something more. As a matter of fact, in only a couple of long periods of purpose and testing we saw the back plastic reflector(bottom left of the picture) had dissolved from the intensity of the exhaust. It’s something very similar with highlights.


I don’t especially mind the fundamental simple bunch with a little computerized readout, it looks more period right with a sprinkle of present day, which is essentially the topic, however I see the reason why at its price tag it could turn into an issue for some.

On the off chance that a component stuffed maxi-bike is the thing you’re searching for, view Manaal’s survey of the Keeway Vieste 300; same motor, different experience.

At long last, while you get single circle brakes at one or the flip side and double channel ABS as standard, the maximum capacity of the brakes feel confined. The ABS is exceptionally meddling and kicks in right on time. So under weighty slowing down, you’re wrestling the brake switches a fair piece. Disgrace, in light of the fact that the Sixties gets Nissin brake caliper. Indeed, even the Vieste passes up that.


Slowing down test:

80-0kmph 31.97m
60-0kmph 17.53m

What’s the focus point?


At Rs 2.99 lakh ex-display area Delhi, this isn’t modest. As a matter of fact, it’s two times as costly as a portion of those bicycles we discussed. You plainly don’t buy this since you really want one, but since you need one. Thus, on the off chance that you’re somebody who enjoys a solid part of wistfulness with afternotes of execution and will lay out for an exceptional encounter, this is a dish you’ll arrange. In any case, will you relish it as much as a genuine Italian pizza for a portion of the expense?



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