All New Honda ADV 160 new model eSP+ 4 valves, is launching soon stay alert.

All New Honda Forza 350.

A short time ago By registering the model name, there is a clear movement of the big model All New Honda ADV350.

The European Patent Office The All New Honda ADV 160 is another model that many people are equally interested in; in what direction is it being developed?

almost two years), but now the All New PCX 160 has joined the class.

Despite the current Honda ADV150 This product was released not very long ago (about a year,

New engine upgrades The frame was also renovated and the HSTC free wheel anti-roll system was installed.

According to reports, the Pinion camp itself is planning to develop a new ADV 160 using the same platform.

Honda has also been playing fast with the All New Honda Forza 350. About 2 years after the launch of the Honda Forza 300.

In 2021, however, we are not likely to see the New ADV 160 move, but in 2022, the next year is seen as full of opportunities.

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