All new Honda CB400X, version 2022, is unveiled as a new big bike touring adventure!

Honda has officially unveiled the CB400X for 2022. It belongs to the motorbike touring adventure genre, which emphasises ease of handling and the ability to upgrade numerous features.

It arrived in an unusual manner. The bike's engine is a 399cc, 2-cylinder, DOHC, 4-stroke, 4-valve, radiator-cooled engine.

The bike weighs 199 kg and has a comfortable driving position. for long journeys However, the bike's size make it extremely manoeuvrable.

Showa's Upside Down SFF-BP upside-down front suspension is installed on the bike to deliver even more ground-breaking assistance on every ride. driving circumstances.

In addition, the bike sports a set of wave-shaped front brake discs that help it brake more confidently.

The weight of the alloy has been lowered, making it lighter than the previous model.

The rear suspension, on the other hand, has been enhanced and is now better than before.

Honda CB400X 2022, The bike has also received a new colour makeover. We will not be selling this model in Thailand because it is deemed to be more fresh and different than the previous colours.

there will be larger engine alternatives, such as the 2022 Honda CB500X.