All the Old Knives full movie review

All the Old Knives full movie review.Janus Metz’s “All the Old Knives” observes two former lovers who reunite after being separated for eight years

and who, over the course of a long afternoon and evening in a fancy restaurant, reminisce about the time they spent together in Vienna.

Lest you think the resulting film is going to be some kind of hybrid of “My Dinner with Andre” and “Before Sunrise,”

 it should be noted that the period of time under discussion occurred when both were working for the CIA,

there’s the distinct probability one of them may have been a mole whose actions led to mass casualties.

It’s an intriguing idea for a film, I suppose, but it proves to be pretty much all setup with precious little follow-through

Eight years ago, a plane was hijacked in Vienna and the members of the CIA