The implications of Amber Heard’s suspected Borderline Personality Disorder.

According to a psychologist hired by Johnny Depp’s defence team in his high-profile defamation claim against his ex-wife Amber Heard,

the actress has borderline personality disorder.

Dr. Shannon Curry, a clinical psychologist who is licenced but not board certified, as Heard’s attorney pointed out, testified on Tuesday that she believes Heard “demonstrates psychological symptoms of combined borderline personality disorder and histrionic personality disorder

an overly dramatic presentation” with “impressionistic speech” that “really lacks any substance,” Curry explained at one point.

Curry’s assessment was based on case files provided by Depp’s attorneys as well as two staged conversations with Heard

who emphasised in her testimony that she frequently deals with famous clients.

Due to her adversarial connection with Depp

who went from being “idealised to the dustbin” by Heard, the expert witness found that the “self-righteous” 36-year-old had “grossly inflated” symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.