Travis Barker Visited Robert Kardashian’s Grave & Asked For Kourt’s Hand In Marriage

The April 28 episode of The Kardashians is all about the build-up to Travis Barker proposing to Kourtney Kardashian.

Kris Jenner says to Kim that Travis asked her for Kourtney’s hand in marriage.

“It was so sweet and so tender,” Kris tells Kim through tears.

then he said he went to your dad’s grave and asked and I just lost it.”

Kris admits that she wishes Kourtney’s dad Robert Kardashian, who passed away in 2003, was “here to see it.”

She adds, “I can hardly believe that it’s the first time she’s getting married.”

Kim laughs that it’s “crazy” Kourtney hasn’t been married yet.

Later, Kris tells Khloe Kardashian that Travis called her for advice. Travis and Kourtney’s doctor wants the egg retrieval surgery to happen on the same Sunday he’s planning to propose.